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What is Ceylon Tea? A Comprehensive Guide

By Tea Bridge Ceylon май 24, 2024

Let's Get to Know Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is world-famous and hails from Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon in the past. People appreciate its special taste and smell. In this guide, we discuss its history, production process, different types, and benefits.

History of Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea's history dates back to when Sri Lanka had tea farms set up by the British. The first successful tea farm started in 1867 by James Taylor. Now, Sri Lanka is a top tea producer, and Ceylon tea is crucial to its people and economy. Sri Lanka's climate influences Ceylon tea's unique taste, varying from sea-level to mountainous areas, with tropical weather bringing about diverse Ceylon teas.

Types of Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea comes in three types, each with a different taste and aroma:

  • Ceylon Black Tea: The most common, known for its strong taste, ideal for iced tea and blends.
  • Ceylon Green Tea: Lighter and delicate, with a fresh, grassy taste and a hint of sweetness.
  • Ceylon White Tea: The rarest and most expensive, with a subtle taste and aroma, made from the youngest tea leaves and buds.

Production Process of Ceylon Tea

Making Ceylon tea involves several careful steps:

  1. Picking: Tea leaves are carefully chosen by skilled workers.
  2. Withering: The leaves are dried to reduce water content.
  3. Rolling: The leaves are rolled to rupture the cells and release oils.
  4. Fermentation: For black tea, the leaves are left to ferment to develop color and taste.
  5. Drying: The leaves are dried to stop fermentation.
  6. Sorting: The leaves are organized and graded based on size and quality.

Benefits of Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is both tasty and healthy, offering several benefits:

  • Rich in Antioxidants: Helps fight harmful substances and lowers the risk of chronic diseases.
  • Metabolism Booster: Helps manage weight and improves metabolism.
  • Heart Health Enhancer: Regular consumption may help lower cholesterol levels and boost heart health.
  • Mental Alertness Booster: Contains caffeine and theanine, which can enhance focus and alertness.


Ceylon tea is a great beverage that offers a unique tasting experience, a rich history, and many health benefits. Whether you prefer black, green, or white tea, there's a Ceylon tea for you. Enjoy Ceylon tea today and savor the taste of Sri Lanka


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