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Tea is an escape from everything

Tea is an escape from everything...

It's your chance, right now, to create a moment. To be still, to reflect and for yourself. It's your connection with a world of tastes, both familiar and exotic, stimulating and relaxing. It's your escape from a turbulent world. It is the perfect example of simplicity and complexity.

Is Our World.

It's deeply ingrained in our family and cultural traditions. It's our world, the one we grew up in and know from close up, the Tea gardens of Sri Lanka. We are steeped deep within a legacy that's centuries old. We cherish it and protect this heritage.

It is one of the most ancient beverages in the world. And it has been enjoyed by people around the globe for centuries.

It has established a complicated system of processors, distributors and importers, auction houses, warehouse workers, buyers and sellers. And all these factors contribute to distancing tea's true essence from tea drinkers.

It's time for a change.It's finally time to enjoy tea in a whole new way.

TeaBridge connects tea to people.

Not to distributors. Not to resellers. But to tea drinkers.

We are uniting the most decadent tastes of the finest tea and herbs worldwide. The best tea you've ever had, from crop to cup! Tea is one of the most complex things we know of.

A story about terroir.

We believe everyone who loves tea deserves to know how, where, and when their tea was born. Tea has its unique qualities depending on where it comes from. We're redefining the way the whole world thinks about and enjoys teas by ensuring the leaves are sourced from the best estate and handpicked and

We are packing up freshness. Tea must be fresh to be enjoyed. We thrive on it. We're a small and agile company, and we don't have any middlemen: we make sure every 100 grams of tea that we ship out is fresher and better tasting than anything you'd ever had to date. We deliver the most delectable loose leaf tea from Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Udawalawe, Dimbula, Uva, Sabarigama and Ruhuna to you every day.

Redefine The Tea Ritual

We're pioneers who are redefining how tea itself should be enjoyed. Some follow the rules and those who write them. We're a start-up culture changing the way tea works, from its place of origin to its drinker. We're continuously reinventing the way tea is consumed by changing the game with radically simple approaches.

The World's Freshest Teas

Tea tastes best when it's freshly brewed. Like vegetables and fruits, teas do go bad over time. They lose their flavour and aroma and become stale. The freshly brewed tea is delicious, rich in flavour and offers a sublime feeling. We believe that nothing should be left undone when keeping tea fresh. And that our customers deserve to enjoy tea just the way we do it.

Our Story

The traditional tea route involves a lot of intermediaries. Tea production takes six to eight months from when the tea leaves are picked until they reach the consumer. It doesn't seem anyone has asked why. Or attempt an even more efficient system.

We asked questions. We've reduced the number of stages in our supply chain from five to two. We've become the single link between consumers and producers worldwide. The happy consequence is that we can offer our customers a much better tea at a much better price.

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