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Type of Teas around the World

By Tea Briddge December 16, 2022

Types of Teas

 Different types of tea The Ultimate Guide on Tea Types "TEA" It is possible to find numerous tea varieties available, such as green tea, black tea, and more. Please find out more about them by reading our article on tea. The tea we drink comes directly from the Camellia sinensis tea leaves the plant, an evergreen tree which can grow to 60-feet in the wild. When being harvested to harvest, tea plants are kept at 3 feet. There are more than 3000 tea varieties, each with its particular characteristic. Names and development of teas are, in many ways, identical to wine.

Like Bordeaux, wines are named in honour of the Bordeaux region of France and Champagne is only produced in the region of Champagne. Its producing region has mainly named the teas. For instance, Dimbulla tea is named in honour of the Dimbulla region of Srilanka ( Ceylon) as well Assam tea has been named for the Indian province of Assam. As with wine, where the tea has produced, the soil, climate and how tea is processed determine the taste of the tea. Different tea varieties are produced using orthodox or rotervan and CTC techniques.

Importance of Tea

Some teas cost more than others. The most expensive is some grades of black teas and white teas. A sought-after style than tea. Also, green tea has become well-known. White tea is more scarce in comparison to black tea. Oolong tea comes up from partially fermented tea leaves. Herbal tea can be produced using herbs rather than plants.

The production of black tea occurs by oxidizing (or fermentation) tea leaves from Camellias Sinensis plants. Assam, Darjeeling tea, Nilgiri, and Sri Lanka (Ceylon tea) are some of the most well-known tea producing regions. The flavour of their teas varies depending on the area and the type of tea processing method. Many famous varieties like Assam, the black tea, Darjeeling tea, Ceylon tea and English Breakfast tea. Teas made of green are the most sought-after kind of tea globally. Teas made from the green are made of Camellia Sinensis green leaves plant cultivated primarily by China. The leaves are steamed or fired using a pan to create a slightly dark green colour to the tea. Some prefer the less sour taste of white tea, while others enjoy the more robust flavour of green tea. White teas are typically described as having fruity or floral flavour. The most popular white teas include Silver needles and White tips of the tea plant.

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Herbal tea isn't made from tea leaves like many other types. Instead, it is made from dried herbs, fruits and flowers. The most well-known varieties are cinnamon, Lemongrass, ginger, earl grey and Peppermint. Rosehips Hibiscus and Dried fruits. Herbal teas are prepared by boiling the herbs with hot water. They are usually packaged in boxes or bags. However, some take them straight from the pot. Flavours include sweet, herbal, fruity, and herbaceous. There are many popular varieties like Hibiscus Chamomile as well as Peppermint. 

Rooibos Tea is made by removing the leaves from the plant and is ground and blended in tea. The flavour is mild and high aromatic naturally. There are different two varieties of rooibos one is green another is red. Oolong tea is partly-oxidized, and it is harvested later in the season compared to green tea. The taste profile of the tea varies according to the degree of oxidation. Certain types are mild and aromatic, while others are darker and full-bodied. The term "tea" originates from the Chinese word meaning beverage, Cha, pronounced Cha. According to this word, we can classify the tea into various types by the advantages and the process.

Different types of Tea

1. Different types include Black Tea:

This tea is dark brown in hue and has a distinct taste. It's known for having an earthy flavour, mainly when brewed. It's a complete Fermented tea that contains a substantial quantity of caffeine. It references BOPF, Broken Orange Pekoe, Flowery Pekoe, BP1, BPS, FBOP, FBOPF and more black tea blends. The black tea has its unique particle size and has the mildest taste beneath it.

2. Different types of Green Teas-

This type of tea is also made by the same plant making black tea. It is frequently known as "green tea due to its colour. But it doesn't contain chlorophyll. Instead, it has catechins that give the drink its health benefits because of the abundance of antioxidants. Gun powder is among the well-known green teas. Matcha tea is renowned for its Green tea.

3. Oolong:

This variety is a tea with a slightly sweet flavour. It also contains antioxidants. It is created using the steaming process. Therefore it saves its healthiness itself, more similar to green tea.

4. Tea is called white tea.

This form of tea is similar to green tea. However, it's much lighter in colour. It's also less bitter. It is especially rich in the tea's tender tips or buds that are part of tea plants. This is particularly dry in the sun, plus the health benefits. White tea can heal many diseases. The white is very less amount of caffeine contained tea ( Caffeine free )

5. Pu-erh:

This kind of tea comes from China. This can store more period than other tea varieties. Therefore, it is known as one of the expensive tea in the world.

6. Herbal tea

consists of herbal infusions like Peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, fennel and Licorice. More... Seven. Flavoured: These varieties of teas have fruit flavourings such as raspberry, strawberry as well as citrus further.

7. Yellow tea:

This kind of tea has a distinct taste from other varieties. It's light in colour and has a slight bite. It is typically used to drink.

The caffeine-rich or less caffeinated drinks, the fermented or semi-fermented, all have the World Classic name of "TEA" to begin the drink list

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