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Ceylon Cinnamon

By Tea Briddge December 16, 2022

 Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the brownish bark of a tree, which is dried and used for preparing several kinds of foods. Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka, known as the "Cinnamon island". This evergreen tree yields cinnamon. The dried and rolled bark of the Cinnamon tree was used in baking traditional dishes and drinks. For centuries, it was considered a valuable constituent of traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Cinnamon is used as a spice in Western cuisine. Its warm, spicy flavor can be used in gourmet desserts, in preserving meat and fish, and in traditional drinks like lattes and hot chocolate. It also has medicinal qualities, which include the ability to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, fight inflammation and boost brain function.

The history of Ceylon Cinnamon has been traced back to ancient times when it was considered a valuable commodity for trade. Ancient Egyptians would use cinnamon for embalming their dead bodies.

The benefits of cinnamon include its ability to lower blood sugar levels, fight inflammation and boost brain function. Cinnamon can be used in savory dishes, sweet desserts, drinks or simply sprinkled on top of food for added flavor. It is also available in supplement form if you want to take advantage of its health benefits without adding it to your diet.


Cinnamon is produced in many parts of the world, but Ceylon cinnamon is considered the best quality cinnamon due to its high concentration of cinnamaldehyde, which gives it its unique flavor. If you are looking for true cinnamon (also known as Ceylon cinnamon), make sure to check the label before purchasing as many products labeled as cinamon actually contain cassia bark, which is a cheaper alternative but does not offer the same health benefits.

History of Ceylon Cinnamon

The true Ceylon (Sri Lankan) cinnamon was found by the Portuguese at the beginning of the 16 th century. They controlled the trade with extreme cruelty. Dutch began to demand cinnamon and they fought the Portuguese until Ceylon's cinnamon trade was taken over by Holland in the mid-17 century. But the Dutch people got the Cinnamon monopoly in Srilanka. It is also possible to see the history of Cinnamon Sri Lanka. According to the Dutch promise of protection for the kingdom, the Sri Lankan king Sri Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe signed an Up country-Dutch accord with the Dutch government. Throughout history, it proves that Cinnamon played a huge role in Srilankan History as well.

 Benefits of Cinnamon

 Cinnamon has many nutritional benefits

One teaspoon (3g), of cinnamon (ground), contains:

  • 7Kcal / 31KJ
  • 0.1g Protein
  • 0.9g Carbohydrate
  • 1.6 Fibre

1. Anti-viral. Anti-bacterial.

Cinnamon is used for the medicinal properties and flavoring process. Cinnamaldehyde oil taken from cinnamon bark is the most healing power. This gives cinnamon its unique smell and flavor. Cinnamaldehyde exhibits anti-viral and antibacterial as well as antifungal properties.

2. May improve gut health

Some spices such as cinnamon have prebiotic qualities. These bacteria could help restore the balance in your stomach, support digestion health, and relieve any Digestive issues.

cinnamon sticks

3. May assist in managing blood pressure

There is evidence suggesting that cinnamon consumption is associated with a short-term drop in blood pressure. While the evidence seems promising, more long-term random controlled trials with larger samples are needed.

4. Lower blood sugar level. Help to reduce the risk of Diabetes

Cinnamon has a reputation for helping manage sugar. This controls the glucose in the blood. And lead to control the of Diabetes

These human trials have shown promise and suggested that cinnamon might have a moderate effect on lowering fasting sugar levels in people with diabetes.

5. It may be beneficial for the older brain

Alzheimer's disease is more common with age and causes progressive brain cell damage. Alzheimer's disease is caused when protein fragments build up in the brain. This can slow down one's ability to think and recall. Cinnamon has two compounds that block the buildup of these proteins. Much of this evidence is based on animal studies.

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is cinnamon sweet

Yes. Cinnamon Has a slightly Sweetest taste. That will make food more delicious and savory.

what makes cinnamon sweet

Cinnamon contains more (90%) cinnamaldehyde oil in it. This chemical component of cinnamon makes it a sweeter and unique aroma.

is cinnamon spicy Informational

Yes .. Cinnamon is considered a spice because of its mild Spicy aroma and taste.

what is sweet cinnamon

Normally Every Cinnamon has the mild Sweetest tates. Ceylon Cinnamon is Special among them. And Rich of its own Style

can dogs have cinnamon

Yes. The research found that Cinnamon Can helps the immunity of human and Animals too.

how to make cinnamon water for weight loss

Boil the natural Cinnamon Sticks or use the Cinnamon powder in Water for 15 to 20 minutes, and keep some time to slow down it and use it.

does cinnamon kill ants

Some of the Anti ant products included cinnamon oil. It has some power.

how to make cinnamon tea

While preparing the tea boil the cinnamon stick or add the Cinnamon powder to the tea.

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